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True Cowboy Magazine featuring Barbie Hardrock

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A true testimony to the reach of true COWBOY magzine and its mission to raise awareness of the plight of the wild mustangs and burros in the U.S.A. is our November Buckle Bunny, Barbie Hardrock, hailing all the way from Herzogenburg, Austria.


Upon learning of the wild ones plight and the international effort to keep them free roaming, Barbie, and her band, Rocquette, felt they had to do something. Ms. Hardrock, a songwriter and musician, quickly moved into action to write the song “Our Fists Against the Dirty Biz” and uploaded the video to YouTube gaining the attention of Anne Novak of the Cloud Foundation who contacted Barbie. Their conversation officially launched her and Rocquette into action with their mission called “Rocquette’s Spirit of the Wild West Campaign” with a portion of all the song’s proceeds donated to the Cloud Foundation.


“In February 2011, I experienced the Wild Horses in Nevada” says Barbie, “and heard about the roundups done by the Bureau of Land Management. I felt there was a need to raise awareness about the danger of losing this spirit of the Wild West. It breaks my heart watching the videos showing brutal captures, foals getting left behind and standing no chance of surviving, and horses getting lethally injured. I am strictly against horse slaughter as I was raised with the idea that horses are our companions, not food. The most important point is the documentation, so the real numbers of Wild Mustangs can be shown, and also be public interest in this case needs to be presented.”


“Growing up I watched and loved the Wild West movies! My first experience with horses, that I can remember, was with the ponies at a farm we used to go on vacation when I was a little kid. I took my first try in horseback riding then on cute little Shetland Ponies! I guess I was five years old. It was more the pony who was the guide, rather than me – it was like “wow now let’s conquer the world together!”

“I took lessons in dressage as a kid, and did one of those exams that we do have here in Austria. I found my love in trail riding, so I would rent a horse”, smiles Barbie. “During the last years, I rarely find the time and opportunities to ride and I miss it a lot. I am thinking of taking Western riding lessons and getting into it again.”


“My other love is music. I am a songwriter and musician. Music is a lovely universal and powerful language”, says Barbie. “All the other musicians out there are part of our inspirations. It is amazing how huge the impact of a message can be if it is spread through music. There are so many things one can do to make this world a better place with music. My band, Rocquette, and I chose to help the Wild Horses as a starting point. I hope the message will travel around the world! You can do that too not only with writing music but everyday. Just tell your friends about the issues! And if you’re even more ambitious, a helping hand can help move mountains! Everyone can help.”


“There is information about the campaign and, of course, about Rocquette, and our music online at our website You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, CDbaby and iTunes too”, laughs Barbie.


“We’s love to hear from you! If you are a fan, a musician or just interested in what we do, if you have questions, suggestions or ideas or simply, if you want to write about us or too us, we’d be happy to hear from you, so just get in touch”!


We are proud to support our November Buckle Bunny, Barbie Hardrock and Rocquette, and hope you will support them and their campaign to Save the Wild Mustangs & Burros in the U.S.A. from  your own corner of the world!