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Tour diary summer 2014


Tamàs Künsztler,
Tamàs Künsztler,


June 20, 2014:

Addicted to Rock, U4 (photo gallery) First-timer! We rocked one of Vienna’s most legendary venues, one of Falco’s most favorite clubs, visited by many famous bands and artists: U4 Diskothek





Alexander Bagli,
Alexander Bagli,

June 28, 2014:

Donauinselfest 2014 (photo gallery) Great summer night, great people, great fun! Great festival feeling! We love you Donauinselfest! Hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us 🙂 Special thanks to Musicreport!






July 11, 2014:

Chill & Grill – Szene Sommer ♫ You can’t always get what you want ♫ …and this time it was the summer gone missing! But you know what? Who cares! We chilled and grilled anyway! We enjoyed fantastic food, lovely people and a familiar atmosphere. After all those years, you can only love the Szene Wien. Always happy to come back “home”!





August 15, 2014:

 Hafen Open Air (photo gallery) Our second open air festival this summer! That’s how you do it – our fans standing up against a few raindrops! You go girls!!! Hafen Open Air




August 16, 2014:

Motorradtreffen Wild Eagles MC This year we were back at the Wild Eagles MC meeting and we came with a brand new song for our friends: “Wild Eagles”, for the first time live on stage! Release of the song is coming up in fall, stay tuned! Wild Eagles MC


August 29, 2014:

8 Jahresfest Barrock. Barbie Hardrock playing in front of her home crowd – a funny night, without a doubt! The Barrock celebrated it’s 8th birthday, with a wooorthy party, you can believe us! Good times!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 14.49.01

August 30, 2014:

Summerrock in Parschlug. Backstage with Rocquette…

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 14.52.03


September 11, 2014:

B72 What a bloody RNR show! No, seriously, dude. For the first time in Rocquette history, we had to stop in the middle of the performance due to an on-stage accident. We were finishing up our “Take a walk outside your mind”, a song which is dedicated to concerts, live shows, open airs, festivals etc., when it happened: Consti’s face vs. Thore’s guitar head. Ouch. Consti went off stage, soaking the white towel with blood coming from the laceration on her eyelid. The bass guitar looked like she killed someone with it. After a quick first-aid, she was taken to the General Hospital Vienna (luckily only 2 U-Bahn stops away) where she got her wound “glued” together. As she told us, she’s okay, despite the looks of the people in the U-Bahn. Well, that’s how a rockstar looks… sometimes, at least! We’re happy that Consti is getting well and already back on stage again. Special thanks to our understanding fans, next time we will definitely make up for it and rock your socks off even harder, we promise =)


September 20, 2014:

Landestierheim Eröffnungsfest Riedenhof, Achau. We had great company – two-legged, four-legged, feathered, smelly and cosy! And extra-sweet, that is for sure! So good to see my friend and colleague Sarah Martin too! Thanks for the picture Michael Maiki Pass!



What a great summer! Let’s enjoy the last couple of sunny days and look forward to the awesome things about fall and winter…. uh… oh, yes!: Glühwein! Lebkuchen (ginger bread)! Tea/ hot chocolate with rum! Nikolaus (the good guy, bringing gifts for the good kids)! Krampus (the bad guy who visits the bad kids)! Christmas and Christmas parties! Thermal baths and hot tubs at home! Maronistandl (little huts on the street where you can buy hot chestnuts and potatoes)! Alright that’s enough for now – we’re gonna hang on to the summer a little longer watching the photos LOL!

See you around!