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Tour Diary: Rocquette & Diary of Myself @Fenris, Kleinpöchlarn

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When I found the freshly opened venue on Facebook, I checked out the pics and thought “Hm, looks pretty cool!” Then it hit me – I know this club, from something like 10 years ago – and I thought how cool is that, good old BLACK SHEEP is re-opening as FENRIS in the heart of Lower Austria!!! Of course we have to rock the house! Said and done – show booked after a visit and several beers and Tequilas and home-made-Eierlikör.. and losing Darts and nearly beating the local heroes at the Wuzzeltisch. Feels like home already!


Saturday, Jan 12, 2013: Alice J. Morgan, just back from a New Years Party in Vegas, earns herself some sweets with being the first band member over punctually at the Fenris, even beating me and Tom – big respect sister, and also thanks to the good-ghost-driver! Every single one of us is getting a warm welcome, never having to be thirsty or hungry here, and every wish or question is being helped by the Fenris family. I discovered some not-working powerplugs and ended up doing my hair in the boys´ bathroom, which led to making new friends there, as you see on the picture! Nice to meet you guys 🙂

We´re honored when the Midgardzwerg asks as to draw our Logo and keep on of our setlists for the Fenris Wall Of Fame – and of course we  all put our signatures too.
During the soundcheck, Alice and me are already checking out the pole tables and making plans. The cameras for our video shoot also arrive, and so that´s also fixed straight away. Ready for recording a music video tonight, Kleinpöchlarn???
Doris is so sweet and making sure that every artist has everything (s)he could desire when entering the stage – thanks so much for that!!


68647_10151405160984756_1407150971_nOur friends DIARY OF MYSELF open up the show, punk fans go and check out the newcomerband from Melk, next appearance will be Jan 19 at the Local Heroes Show at the Club 3 (Cinema Paradiso) in St. Poelten! “Punk Rock for the people!”
We´re hot and ready to rock when we take over the stage – we rock the crowd and the crowd rocks us – you know how to party!!!  You did a great job, party people 🙂 Sucking up the atmosphere – so curious on the film material, can´t wait!!! How about you??