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Tour Diary: Rocquette Christmas Party, Kindercharity Promipunsch

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Saturday, Dec 1, 2012: We´re happy as the Christkind, carrying along all our stuff downstairs into the familiar and cosy halls of the Musikcafé Egon. I love the Christmas Shows and their special atmosphere! Some little surprises in our pockets, too, of course. Preparations are relaxed as always with the Egon team, helpful and lovely – thanks so much guys! Any special wish I come up with, they always fix it 🙂 All goes smooth, with a lot of help of our friends J.A.G. and Lost In Majority who are starting up the party with a well-working boom! You convinced our fans boys, that´s what they told me in person 🙂 Already hot in here, it´s a pleasure for us to take over the stage, BOOM yeah Barbie´s blonde – surprise! Finally, the red dress fits me perfect 😀 We play our way through the set, Katy Perry´s Waking Up In Vegas already feeds back with some happy screams from the crowd (yeah I love that one, too!) and I can´t wait for the Christmas Song with another surprise – Pleini is ready to rock the (extended) stage, pulling out a Christmas hat (as well as Alice with her brand new red Gibson bass, awesome fitting the red hat) and a tambourine – give it to us baby! Hell yeah, that´s Christmas 😀 Got some great shots of you guys dancing and singing along! So good to see all of you guys enjoying the party – and with Jimmy Eat World´s “In The Middle” I think we all went crazy 🙂 Ready for another drink (it DID get hotter in here LOL), we hand over the mics to J.A.G. and I´m thrilled to watch them pimping the stage with more Christmassy stuff (heck, we really forgot to turn on the light tube I knew it 😀 ) and the crowd keeps yelling along songs in a great mood. Awesome party, people! You know how to do it 🙂 LOVELOVELOVE you all!!!!


Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012: Yesterdays test run didn´t sound so bad, so we drive over to Vienna´s 21 district, where Monika Prinz and the Kindercharity called for the yearly Charity Punch for handicapped kids! So cool that this time Thore, Alice and TMP decided to join me! Let´s rock the yard 🙂 We arrive around 4, and the punch and Gluhwein is already floating. Manfred (Kabarett-Duo Fleckerlteppich) is serving with pleasure and joy, singers already entertaining the funny crowd. As always with Monika´s events, another heart-warming, relaxed, enjoyable afternoon. While we´re squeezing our guitars through to the tent, Franky (Vienna Housemaster Project) is singing and me singing along in the back. Quick tuning, and off we go – first time accoustic performance of Rocquette! Me like! It´s a crowded little tent here, punch still floating, us in the middle! Keep it coming, and all for the kids! So cool we could help and raise another place for horse riding therapy for a kid next for next year! A huge THANK YOU to the organizers, Monika in first place, all the artists and helpers and lovely people participating! Another wave of love in this early Christmas time 🙂