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Tour diary Oct 28 – Italy tour 2013: day 5

IMG_1708We start around 8 am, get some breakfast and due to another game of car Tetris we manage to hit the road around 10 am. The way home rolls smooth, Melanie is happy because just before the border she gets her beloved Cantucchini and Pandoro for an incredible prize.

While Tom and Andreas are in the front of the car, I discover a tiny stowaway on the drum cases next to me. It´s a very small spider, that I transport from the spot right next to me (which is a little too close for my taste) to floor on the other side of the car – the window option in full speed I decide to forget. So I keep eating my snacks, and I tell you, that not even 3 minutes later, the SAME little spider is sitting right next to me – AGAIN! After 2 more tries I finally managed to keep it somewhere else… The rest of the journey was rather boring, and we started missing Damy and already making plans of coming back to Italy next year. So stay tuned and keep on rocking!!!

Written by Andreas Meislinger and Barbie Hardrock