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Tour diary Oct 26 – Italy tour 2013: day 3

Third day in Italy and you can bet we are enjoying the time! New webisode online!



Foto 26.10.13 14 50 09 Foto 26.10.13 11 56 58We start our day around 11 am, then go to Stradella with the host family again to get some lunch, and after Pizza and a lot of coffee we drive over to Hangar 22 in Retorbido for our soundcheck. Here´s our fresh-baked iPad games addict Andreas trying to convince Damy to join his fight.

Foto 26.10.13 20 01 43Everything works fine and we spend the next hours editing tour diary and Webisodes (Melanie), playing Jewel Hunter on the IPad (Andreas & Christian), smoking (Thore) and ??? (Tom). Foto 26.10.13 21 03 30 Foto 26.10.13 21 40 08 Foto 26.10.13 21 50 17Our little working bee Melanie even managed to fabricate a whole new bunch of Rocquette earrings (watch out for it in the new Webisode).

Foto 26.10.13 22 31 18The gig is great, even the sound engineer rocks out to our songs. Afterwards the obligatory Tetris game begins. We find out that Melanie owns about 20 different bags which are perfect fill in material for saving the boxes from clenching together. Foto 26.10.13 21 02 52 Foto 26.10.13 21 52 01Statement Melanie: “Never again I leave home without a suitcase. Just because you guys keep reminding me about it.”

We hit our home place around 3 am and then we notice – thanks to Damy – that there was the change to winter time, so it is actually 2 am… at that point we decided that Damy should join our band, due to his extraordinary abilities!


Written by Andreas Meislinger