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Tour diary Oct 25 – Italy tour 2013: day 2

Our second day on tour through the North of Italy! New webisode online!

Foto 25.10.13 13 13 03Sleeping in, getting up at 11 am. I caught up some much needed sleep, accompanied by the silent, happy sounds of some pigeon couples above us. We’re having a chat in the fresh air in front of the house, when Christian comes out the door with a still sleepy look asking ‘… Where is that cat…’

IMG_1621The plan for today as we ask Damy: ‘A day off! Do nothing, and drink a lot of alcohol in the evening!’ Good plan huh? In reality, we are going to the venue where we will be performing tomorrow: Hangar 22, in Retorbido, Pavia. The plan is to check out the venue und deposit all our equipment there so we don’t need to carry it around with us for both days. After a 20 minutes drive we arrive at this very cool place.

The stage is large and I’m looking forward to tomorrow night!

IMG_1633 IMG_1620 IMG_1619
Lunchtime has passed and we didn’t have any breakfast, when the owner of the venue offers us to have lunch in his trattoria and pizzeria which is another part of his business. We find out that they are producing their own red wine too, which we will be very happy to try tomorrow! After a delicious pasta, the most amazing Tiramisu I ever had, and an Espresso to get me going, we are all satisfied and happy.


IMG_1632Especially Tom, who had a roast beef instead of the pasta since he’s on a low carb diet. The topic comes to our knowledge of Italian vocabulary. When it’s Tom’s turn, he looks at Damy, winks off and answers ‘Al FORNO’ – big laugh.

Foto 25.10.13 15 34 03 Foto 25.10.13 15 35 19Next stop, Shopping center. Bought a whole cheese block for my parents. Formaggio di Toscana!


Written by Barbie Hardrock


The drummers view: While Thomas and Melanie spent about 45 minutes in the supermarket grabbing some cheese, the other members and Damy were waiting outside trying to get the wifi spots working…but it didn’t work out. (Sorry, no Facebook update). We were looking like some people waiting for the train, which doesn’t want to show up. The last 15 minutes we watched the two cheese heroes standing in line, arguing with the cashier about the price of the cheese.

Foto 25.10.13 18 29 13
After their return, some windows shopping and another coffee and a muffin the band returned to their sleep over homes. That picture shows Andreas and Christian in the constant Jewel Hunter war, Mel working on the first Italy-Tour-Webisode, Thore checking out what she´s doing.


Foto 25.10.13 20 29 41 Foto 25.10.13 20 29 21Later we got ready for dinner in Stradella and an evening in the Hangar 22, where we wanted to see a band and get us self ready to perform the next day. Damy our Italian booker & promoter and already like our best friend 🙂


Foto 25.10.13 20 26 24As soon as we’re done, we head for a town called Stradella with our host Mary and her boyfriend, where Damy introduces us to a fine restaurant… Pizza time! With full stomaches we literally roll back to Hangar 22.

Foto 26.10.13 00 18 32At the venue we listen to a really cool cover band who plays songs from incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the second band, “Suspension Dots” is really amazing, with a red haired singer which is not Haley Williams 😉

(Note by Mel: And how else could it be, we bought a CD too – great stuff for a new Friday Feature I would say, you should definitely check them out!) We return home around 2 am. The whole day consisted of eating and listening to music, the perfect recipe for a day off!


Written by Andreas Meislinger
Here´s the Webisode of DAY 2!