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Tour diary Oct 27 – Italy tour 2013: day 4

Un cappuccino con cioccolato per favore! New day, new webisode!


2013-10-26 um 09-27-24 Foto 27.10.13 11 28 07The day starts around 10 am, we pack our things, say goodbye to our “nightline” and hit the road to get to our last venue on our little Italy tour.

Foto 27.10.13 20 14 54 Foto 27.10.13 20 32 35Damy organized that we can have dinner at the venue where we had our acoustic gig. We are treated like kings and they serve us incredible food!

Foto 27.10.13 20 56 46 Foto 27.10.13 22 49 53Next stop: ALTROVE Live Music Pub in Palazzolo, Lombardia; Soundcheck as usual. Note by Mel: Pretty cool venue again! Looking forward to the show! Then Damy takes us to a motel which is incredibly huge… (Note by Mel: Seems to be the honeymoon suite! The hotel is called Hotel Europa). We even have some kind of foyer, where everyone takes out their iPads and tries to get an internet connection… but it doesn’t work out very well… So the webisodes need to wait!

Foto 28.10.13 00 45 17We´re heading back to the the Altrove to watch the other bands and later play a hell of a show ourselves. It gets to the point where it is time to say goodbye to Damy, who leaves us about 1 am so he can go home and sleep (he needs to get up in the morning due to his day job).

Written by Andreas Meislinger