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Rocquette Too Fast for Love

Barbie Hardrock – Lead Vocals
Thomas M. Perry – Lead Guitars
Alexander Handl – Rythm Guitars
Lars Sugar – Bass
Jam Puffler – Drums
reviewed by Viki Ackland

Rocquette is a rockin, loud, punchy and most definitely sexy band. With a stellar line up of original tunes this CD boasts a range of rock that you can definitely listen to again and again. The music is strong and sound and heavy hitting, with a straightforward appeal.

The band was formed 2005 in Austria by Barbie Hardrock and Thomas “TMP” Perry. With some initial and expected growth from the first releases this band became direct, rock-solid, and commanding hard rock. Their live shows are guitar energized and a load of fun. In June 2007, the first official Rocquette album “Too Fast for Love” was performed live during a Release Gala Show at the Gasometer Vienna theatre to an adoring crowd.

In 2009 the final line up of Rocquette was completed when drummer Jam “Puffman” Puffler and rhythm guitar player Alexander Handl joined the band. Handl, who has a reputation of squeezing his guitar until you feel great orgasmic ear-explosions, was a welcome addition. These rockers add the musical backbone that creates and emphasizes the heavy hitting yet very melodic sound that is Rocquette.

These rockers live up to their name, rocking it hard at shows and concerts. So get your rock on with Rocquette now!!

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  • Christmas Vacation
  • Too Fast
  • Between
  • My Fuel
  • Maybe
  • Jelly Baby
  • Rising Up
  • Evoked
  • Day off
  • Yesterdays Love Songs
  • Song about Nothing
  • Lesbian Story
  • Old Story
  • Snowman’s Last Sunrise
  • Perfect Day


Rocquette Review 2009