(EN) ROCQUETTE – Energy-fuelled blues shot

ROCQUETTE, the band around “Barbie Hardrock“ Melanie Planyavsky who celebrated their ten years anniversary in 2015, delighting both national and international audience with their music and live shows, are currently working on a brand new album.

„We actually have a completely new line-up regarding the band members.“

With her band colleagues Thore Tornado (guitar), Nischty White (guitar, bringing with him a simply irresistible, Jimmy-Hendrix inspired energy of the blues), „Dojo“ Dominik Hampl (finally back after a long time away) on the bass and Dominik Eder on the drums, the next couple of weeks and months will be dedicated to songwriting.

„All of those who joined our concerts recently, will probably have noticed that after a lot of up and down, quite some things are now falling into place.“

„Our goal is a new album, for which we are planning on getting support from the industry too.”

With the style of ROCQUETTE, mainly based on Classic Rock and Hard Rock, also being influenced by genres like Pop, Blues and Country, the band has been quite versatile already and, that’s for sure, what’s coming now will show a new style again.

„Meanwhile we have grown together strongly and built a great, top motivated team. It’s possible that you’ll get to hear a very new single soon.“

The band, who also has had shows in Texas, Las Vegas and London, are looking back on more than 100 live-shows, milestones and highlights – being grateful and proud at the same time.

Website, Social Media, Print and TV/Radio are telling their own tale. All inclusive the all time favourite songs „Mhmmmargarita“, „Tornado“, the international collaboration of Fukushima „Wake up (Voices of Fukushima)“, dedications like the biker hymn „Wild Eagles“ and the Rugby-master hymn for the Donaupiraten „Go Pirates“, as well as internationally awarded Songwriting-finalists like the open-air rock ballad „Take A Walk Outside Your Mind“, mark the history of a band, who are working towards their goals by making a combined effort to reach their dream with heart and soul. And if that is not enough to make you believe, then you should take a look at the paintings made by the singer – because the emphatic, motorbike-riding, for the good cause fighting whirlwind is working hard off stage as well – and the best: some of the artworks are even up for sale!

When is the next chance to join live?
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Rocquette is an Austrian rock band, also mentioned as “female fronted kick-ass rock’n’roll” or “Austria’s awesomeST female fronted rock’n’roll band”. The style of the band is based in classic rock and hard rock, and is influenced by other genres like pop, blues, country, and also sometimes shows traces of funk or metal. Rocquette was founded in January 2005, out of the former band of Barbie Hardrock, Thomas Perry, Andreas Leeb and Andreas Wymetal.

Straight from the beginning, Rocquette stood on it’s own feet – be it songwriting, graphic artworks, sound or production – from the first day they put a lot of effort into standing out, personality and highest quality (e.g. mastering of the records by Sterling Sound NY, AC/DC and many others). In 2009, the band made it over the borders, played internationally and organized a series of concerts in the USA (Las Vegas NV, Albuquerque NM, Fort Worth TX, Houston TX; with Juergen “Jam” Puffler on the drums, “Big Alex” Handl as rhythm guitarist and Lars Sugar on the bass). This tour was followed by their first major airplay in Austria (88.6, Austrias biggest private radio station; singles of the album “13”: “Mhmmmargarita”, “One And Only Drive”; Songs of 2007 album “Too Fast For Love” as well as an acoustic live performance).

Rocquette are getting in on the top ten rock bands in Austria (Reverbnation charts). In 2012, for the first time, they were presented internationally as one of the TOP TEN LIVE BANDS, and performed live in England (Exposure Music Awards, Cargo London, October 2012; double nomination Rocquette “Best Live Act” as well as “Best Recorded Artist”). Besides Semi- and Finalists-positions in international songwriting competitions, they received several awards for their music videos.

With an attitude strong as iron, love for the detail and downright idealism, the band pushes further at all times: hurdles and drawbacks just ignite new fire in Rocquette, as for example the change in members followed by direct successes like international shows and awards tell their stories.
By now, Rocquette are touring and producing since more than 12 years constantly, and the numbers of fans and followers on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are increasing. International collaborations, like supporting the rescue of American Wild Horses, or the theme song for Show Udajima’s book about Fukushima, as well as involvement in Austrian charity events, are further activities of the band.



Current line up: Barbie Hardrock (Melanie Planyavsky; vocals), Thore Tornado (guitar, backing vocals), Nischty White (guitar), “Dojo” Dominik Hampl (bass), Dominik Eder (drums).

Former members: Thomas M. Perry, Andreas Wymetal, Andreas Leeb, Jürgen Puffler, Alexander Handl, Lars Sugar, Oliver Scheuer, Alice J. Morgan, Consti Höffinger, Andreas Meislinger, Patrick Peschat, Lukas Hofstätter.


• More than 100 successful national and international live shows including festivals (e.g. Donauinselfest), biker events and also extravagant performances (like Drug Action Conference Gala evening at the domed hall of the Nature Historic Museum in Vienna)
• Sold-out demo album, 2 official albums, 3 EPs (incl. 1 tribute, 1 acoustic) and several singles • Currently >40 original songs
• 6 official music videos
• 4000+ registered fans worldwide (Reverbnation), 2300+ Facebook fans, 1000+ follower on Twitter
• International Media – Radios, magazines, web platforms (e.g. Cover Story Barbie Hardrock, True Cowboy Magazine (CA, USA; 2011) Alternative Female Voices Magazine UK (2012); Airplay on radio stations e.g. in Los Angeles and New York; podcasts, blogs and video game feature)
• Support & performances at several charity events (Krebsforschungslauf, Kindercharity, performances at charity festivals)
• Stadium Airplay “Go Pirates” single and theme in partnership with Rugby Union Donau (Rugby Stadium Hohe Warte, Vienna, AT 2013)
• Semi-Finalist placement of “By The Time You Get Married”in Song of the Year Songwriting Contest (2015)
• Semi-Finalist placement of “Smile” in Song of the Year Songwriting Contest (2013)
• Song A&R Gold Award, Video A&R Silver Award, Favourite A&R Silver Award for
“Smile” (BEAT100, 2013)
• Gold Song A&R Award, Silver Video A&R Award for “Voodoo Rock Puppet” (BEAT100, 2013)
• Video Award Gold, Song Award Silver for “Our Fists Against The Dirty Biz” (BEAT100, 2012)
• UK live performance TOP TEN INTERNATIONAL LIVE ACTS 2012 (London, Exposure Music Awards)
• Double-nomination Exposure Music Awards UK (“Best Live Act”, “Best Recorded Artist”, 2012)
• European Song Contest nomination for Austria (2011)
• Austrian Newcomer Award nomination (2011, 2013)
• Song of the Year Songwriting Award Runner Up Placement “Take A Walk Outside Your
Mind” (2011)
• UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist “Our Fists Against The Dirty Biz”, Commended Entry “Take A Walk Outside Your Mind” (2011)
• “Spirit of the Wild West” campaign supporting the rescue of Wild Horses in America ( 2011)
• Charity Sampler “Artists united for a new re-born” (Rocquette “Just Needs A Start”, Italy 2011)
• Projekt Pop! Sampler Vol. 15, AKM/GfÖM (Rocquette “Smile”, Austria 2014)
• US Tour 2009 (Las Vegas NV, Albuquerque NM, Fort Worth TX, Houston TX)
• Windows Media Feature (2 Rocquette Songs, 2009)


“Detoxic” – Demo-Album 2006 (phys)
“Too Fast For Love” – Album 2007 (phys & dig) “Christmas Song” – Single 2008 (dig) “Mhmmmargarita” – Single 2010 (dig)
“One And Only Drive” – Single 2010 (dig)
“13” – Album 2011 (phys & dig)
“Lent Jewels” – Tribute EP 2011 (dig)
“Wake Up (Voices of Fukushima)” – Single 2012 (dig) “Superclean” – Acoustic EP 2013 (dig)
“Go Pirates” – Single 2013 (dig)
“Honk, Punch, Smile!” – EP 2014 (phys & dig)