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New music video “Smile”

What a beautiful, relaxed and peaceful Sunday August 18, 2013 in the picturesque countryside of Lower Austria. The perfect day to grab the instruments, go outside and record a music video. After a series of performances and many hours of practise and studio work, it’s a welcome opportunity to breath some fresh air and fill up the Vitamin B levels. With a good mixture of good mood, summer feeling and light-weight motivation, the band is looking forward to an outing and gathers at a dirt road that Mel (aka Barbie Hardrock) has been walking her dog for so many times, that she exactly knows where to find the most beautiful spot. Together with our cameraman Marc, and Romina who is taking care about anything else that needs to be organised like the right timing, accessoires and anything else that could be useful or admired during the shooting, there’s of course the length and part of the path to be tested out, as well as different ideas and experiments being made. What a super beautiful day we’ve caught! A bit hot it turned out to be, though, however, what else can you wish for! To smile? Easy 🙂
Located only a few kilometers away from the landmark pointing at the exact center of Lower Austria, the catering would be the least of a problem, since some of the best Austrian “Heurigen” are right around the corner. In case you’ve never been to one or heard what that is, it is usually farmers and winegrowers who are opening their gardens and facilities in alternation, offering home made, local food and wine in cozy, familiar atmosphere. Lucky us, it was just family Kaiser’s turn so we decided to finish the day with a delicious glass of wine and amazing food. We had the pleasure of spending a day full of joy and productivity which we want to share with you people and spread it over the whole globe, it’s a lovely memory to ourselves and we sure hope it will entertain you too!

Having said that,
Cheers from Austria!

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