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New acoustic EP “Superclean”

Friday August 9, 2013:
The awesome moment when the work pays off! Everyone is looking forward to it, you’re excited and a little tired, and you just can’t wait to show the world what you have created! So here it is: the brand new ACOUSTIC EP… Ladies and gentlemen: – ‘SUPERCLEAN’!

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Jesse Schwarz (Redakteurin/Moderatorin, SchauTV): ”Superclean’ ist der Name und auch der Sound! Ohrwurmalarm! Emotional, sensibel mit Melodien die richtig ins Ohr gehen. Die Texte sind aus dem Leben gegriffen und sympathisch. Ich bin auf jeden Fall jetzt schon ein Fan von Superclean!’

‘Simply beautiful. Right from the first song I had a smile on my face even after a 12h shift in a lab. I really like it! My favorites are smile and Maybe. Keep it on, you guys are awesome!’

‘Easy going, bright and fresh – ‘Superclean’ sounds like cruising down a highway on a sunny day with the windows down and a smile on your face.’

‘The album title ‘Superclean’ refers not only to the pure acoustic recording, but also to the clean unadulterated country style that you get to listen and that gives you immediately that special vacation summer feeling you might also experience when driving down the Route 66.’


Tour diary: Release of ‘SUPERCLEAN’ – Summer nights party Einoed, AT

We braved the heat wave as well as the huge thunderstorm that came up just when the preparations for the long awaited release party were about to start off. Instead of the bonfire (prohibited by a fresh, official note, due to the heat and drought and therefore increased fire risk – our fate seems to have a good sense of humor) we simply changed the plan and moved our now called ‘Summer Nights Party’ indoor into the open garage of our local fire brigade (thanks for that to our very cooperative firefighters!). With a little decoration, it quickly turned the garage into a quite comfy party room and filled up with people. Thanks so much also to Martin and Irene (Winzer & Heurigen Kaiser – you NEED to visit!) for taking care of the catering as well as preparations and organization!
The atmosphere was very relaxed, though everybody was obviously curious for the new acoustic show and glancing on our acoustic guitars, mandolin, ukulele, harps, udu, guiro, and the crazy construction which would later turn out as a unique sounding, unconventional drum set. I was not really sure about my mandolin parts since I just bought it very recently and only had a little time to practice, but telling from the applause and throughout positive response it seems it worked out pretty well! I then tried to sneak out of one of my wobbly harp soli but when Tom jumped forward and yelled ‘harp solo!’ into the mic, there was no way out – and hey, it worked out too!
Our expectations of a successful show were met in any way, we even had a spontanious guest appearance of Katharina Auer who showed that she’s about to become the next great guitar player from our countryside – and with a couple of additional songs we finished the show, while the party went on until early morning. Great party, great people, great celebration! Thanks everybody for making this happen! You can listen to and download ‘SUPERCLEAN’ here!