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IRON BLOODS MC! You guys rock! Vienna, May 12, 2012

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Yeah it might sound funny, but it actually WAS a historic moment for us! We were – for the first time! – invited to a biker club to rock the house. We feel honored!

Not even a few hick ups on the flyer details could keep us from arriving at the right location, and Oliver survived his little parking-lot-search-turn-around-action (I don´t know if he ignored the other cars priority, anyway he earned a mad honk from who actually later turned out to be one of our new biker buddies, but they´re all good now). We were thrilled to find some very helpful strong guys, like two more spontanous roadies – speaking of that: thanks so much to all of them who really made an effort to support us with our gear and set!
I loved the club, I loved the sound of arriving bikes – THAT´s awesome! And it was fun performing and chatting and having a beer, and OH MY GOD how happy I was (and still am) that I managed to get kind of healthy in time (since I had a throat and sinuses infection and was still really bad the day before!) it was just all perfect.

Thanks to Mickis who suggested us, and thanks to the Iron Bloods MC for their invite and partying with us!
Any time again, if you ask us 🙂

Thanks Kurt for the picture!