You are currently viewing Friday Feature #6: Chaos Beyond – “One Click Away”

Friday Feature #6: Chaos Beyond – “One Click Away”

Our friends Chaos Beyond did it! Their new album  ‘The Drawing Board’  (Terraosund Rec. Release June 14) went up to #1 of Hoanzl’s top seller list already a day ahead of the release!

The cool thing is, the 5 boys managed to present every of their 13 songs in drawing board picture style.

A music video fitting the design was of course a must, and if metal heads question Chaos Beyond’s combination of melodic metal with a crazy and not really dark video as this, they should draw more attention onto the lyrics of this band.

Even founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, should give it a decent smirk when listening to the lyrics of the new video ‘One click away’.

A short extract:
My dog just had to fart
And I thought that you might want to know
Like, tag, share, fag
If you don’t agree with it
My dog gets pissed, so goddamn pissed
And you’ll be banned from my friends list

– wanna read the whole text? Go to
and for further details – Facebook – of course 😉

PS:  TODAY June 28 you get the chance to see Chaos Beyond, for the first time, performing the new album LIVE at the Szene Vienna!
Doors: 8 pm  / Pre-sale15,-


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