You are currently viewing Friday Feature #5: Ryan Whyte Maloney – “Radio” (acoustic)

Friday Feature #5: Ryan Whyte Maloney – “Radio” (acoustic)

“Michigan boy” Ryan grew up with Rock´n´Roll in Traverse City, he´s a rocker, a singer and songwriter, but he also plays the guitar, violin, cello, piano and drums. He made his way to Boston, and we stumbled into one of his regular shows at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas (Gilley´s Saloon) – and this was ass-kicking, foot-stomping music, he rocked the house and we sang along while we had beers and watched the bull riding contest. I was actually surprised to read the Ryan once said he hates Country music – and his life seemed like lyrics out of a Country song… Then he wrote a Country song, just to make fun of it, and it turned out that his manager called that one a hit song. Still embarrassed by being asked about the Country song, Ryan even told his (rock) band mates to leave the room. Well, the story gets even better when Ryan got invited to Nashville to perform in front of the guy who was responsible for Garth Brooks career (one of the most famous modern country music stars!) and instead of sending them back home, they liked what they saw and heard – Ryan said that he didn´t want to do Country music, and this Nashville guy said he might actually change the direction of country music – with his tattoos, the look, and what he does – just doing his thing.
Ryan always said he would play the famous House of Blues in Vegas one day (inspired by another one of those Country bands ‘Now playing Rascall Flatts’ reading on the marquee) – that´s where he decided that one day this marquee will show HIS name. It took him two-and-a-half years, but he managed it! He played the House of Blues in Vegas – twice! And we were there to see him and his band play, because he invited us over. We just love those guys.


A big Hell Yeah to Ryan Whyte Maloney!




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