You are currently viewing Friday Feature #3: RYAN WHYTE MALONEY BAND – "Hillbilly"

Friday Feature #3: RYAN WHYTE MALONEY BAND – "Hillbilly"

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Woooot! Here comes Friday Feature #3! Our beloved house band at the Gilley´s Saloon (Treasure Island Hotel and Casino) and friend from Las Vegas, Ryan and his RYAN WHYTE MALONEY BAND with their brand new kick-ass foot stomping music video HILLBILLY!

Enjoy 🙂

All information about Ryan and his band are waiting for you on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, more videos on his Youtube Channel, and for the bookers: go and check out his Sonicbids profile!

Thanks Ryan, for all the legendary nights we had! Get ready for Europe, Bro! 🙂


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