You are currently viewing Friday Feature #11: I, Marcus Smaller

Friday Feature #11: I, Marcus Smaller

Musik aus Österreich! Music from Austria!
Our friend and colleague Marcus Smaller has been working on his new record lately – home made, real, creative, true, inspiring and honest music from Austria. Since he offers this opportunity with his first single “I, Marcus Smaller”, we let him introduce himself via the song lyrics and the message he posted on his facebook page yesterday. The only thing for me left to say here is, Marcus, deine Krazl-Gitarren san genauso schiach wie meine!
“I, Marcus Smaller” (Marcus Smaller) on iTunes

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(Marcus Smaller, Facebook Thursday April 21, 2016:)

Meine Damen und Herren.
Ich hoffe, ich störe gerade nicht beim Duschen aber ich muss nochmal darauf hinweisen, dass Morgen die erste Single aus meinem neuen Album “I, Marcus Smaller” raus kommt.
Damit ihr gleich beim ersten mal ordentlich mitsingen könnt, gibt es heute schon den Text zu dem Song.
Viel Spaß beim auswendig lernen.
Wir hören uns morgen.

I, Marcus Smaller

Hi everybody I’m Marcus, if you don’t know me, I’m a so-called Artist
I might not be the smartest but I’m prettier than advertised
Just don’t look at my teeth or my big nose but come on I’m still prettier than these hoe’s
I don’t sound like Chad Kroeger but I’m this close, listen: This is how you remind me of what I really am
A drunk musician without any kind of plan and a nerd when it comes to Batman
Now you have my permission to cry
Always broke like a greek, no blue blood when I bleed
I know I’m not that fast but I promise to give it my best cos’ I am something special
At least that’s what mom said

Flying under the radar
I’m like a dictator
Flying under the radar
I already stand out

Ok, so I got a new album
Got to promote it until it goes platinum
Oh God, i’d kill for some valium and check in at the Arkham Asylum
But I don’t suck cock to get some good promotion
I don’t pull strings to get a bit attention and
I call myself an artist, beyond comprehensionbut
I already stand out
No not yet, I’m not done
Here comes my favourite part, call it fucked up but it’s art, I’m getting breast implants, tada
Because nowadays you have to be a freak to sell more records
No one cares about you, fuck your high standards
Don’t need professional help, I stay true to myself
The fucking asshole that you love to hate coming straight out of hellhalloween is over so now it’s sing oder don’t