You are currently viewing Friday Feature #10: Midnight Mosaic

Friday Feature #10: Midnight Mosaic

I simply love this band! Never heard of them? Then you need to check out their video “Right to Die”. Midnight Mosaic are a band from New Jersey, “an eclectic collective of entertainers, whose original brand of Rock ‘n Soul drives their audiences to dance and groove.” I stumbled over one of their catching songs, must have been years ago, I think it was a suggestion of the streaming service on LastFM. And somehow they keep popping up on my radar, with always and again a tune that gets stuck, in a good way. If you take the time to look at their “featured on:” list on Facebook, you will see that I’m not the only one, but their following is constantly growing. Pleasure for me to spread the word with our today’s Friday Feature! Oh and by the way, their new album “Fire Work” is now available on BandCamp!

So, hope to infect you guys too with the Midnight Mosaic groove virus 🙂

Midnight Mosaic on Facebook
Midnight Mosaic on Bandcamp
Midnight Mosaic on Reverbnation
Midnight Mosaic on Twitter


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