You are currently viewing Friday Feature #1: JADED SUN – "Crave" (acoustic)

Friday Feature #1: JADED SUN – "Crave" (acoustic)

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Okay short and sweet: There are so many AMAZING bands out there,
we just have to point them out to you. Starting with today, we are blogging
regularly and showing you what you really gotta check out cause we´re
simply diggin´ it! Are you ready for the goosebumps?

So here´s our Friday Feature #1: JADED SUN – a band from Ireland,
performing an acoustic version of their song CRAVE on a town square in Germany!


Ah yeah, that´s the good stuff, ain´t it? This is feeling!
Here´s where you can find more about JADED SUN:Website

Don´t forget to support them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!
Nice – I think that´s a pretty good tune to start an amazing weekend 🙂
Have fun!
Barbie Hardrock

P.S.: Do you like our new Friday Feature? Any ideas what else we could feature?
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