Down Under

Australien zu Gast im Aussie Pub “Down Under”


bands live onstage:

The Moles

Gerry G and the Wailers
Schlaudia’s Ciffer


Einlass: 19:30
Beginn: 20:00
Eintritt: Freiwillige Spende / Free entry!


The Moles (AUS)
The Moles play what can only be described as Explosive Rock & Roll. In 2013 a fusion of unlikely proportions occurred when an Australian vocalist armed with a backpack found himself joining forces with a talented band in a sleepy Austrian town.

Rocquette (Wien)
Rocquette is an Austrian rock band, also mentioned as “female fronted kick-ass rock’n’roll” or “Austria’s awesomeST female fronted rock’n’roll band”.

Gerry G and the Wailers (Wien)
Harte Gitarrenriffs treffen auf melodiösen Gesang und wuchtigen Bass, begleitet von einer ordentlichen Portion ROCK am Schlagzeug.

Schlaudia’s Ciffer (Wien)
Rock ‘n Roll – That’s all

Supported by:
GAB Music Factory

Flyer Down Under 2014