Café Carina

No Mozzart (Croatia) & Rocquette!

Josefstädter Straße 84
1080 Wien
Start: 21:00

Eintritt frei – freie Spende
No cover charge – free donation


LIVE – NO! Mozzart
NO!Mozzart, an art rock band from Zagreb, creates a psychedelic melancholic buzz, amplified by extraordinary dub and blues sequences.
The band’s diverse musical repertoire, characterized by psychedelia and simple, emotional lyrics, creates a stylistical punch, skillfully blending genres and opening new horizons of pop music.

“Aware of the 21st century, contemporary, original, and completely themselves, this band has no interest in retrospection.”
Vladimir Horvat

“NO!Mozzart is not Mozart. No. He is the scream coming from the mental cyber-garage, strange, intimidating, and full of passion…”
Darko Rundek

„On that significant evening at the Museum, I heard a completely different art rock from Croatia, in the likes of the greatest rock musicians, including magnificent Bowie in his Berlin phase.”
Vladimir Horvat

“NO!Mozzart: melange of different styles from the psychedelic spectre, reaching beyond rock.
Incubating a million of genres in the explosion-awaiting process.
No, NO!Mozzart is one of a kind, reminding of the genius of Laurie Anderson, The Birthday Party and Steve Jansen, Kraftwerk, Radiohead and Johnny Greenwood’s avantgarde works… Progressive/space/post-rock with plenty of experiments and loops.”


Rocquette is an Austrian rock band, also mentioned as “female fronted kick-ass rock’n’roll” or “Austria’s awesomeST female fronted rock’n’roll band”. The style of the band is based in classic rock and hard rock, and is influenced by other genres like pop, blues, country, and also sometimes shows traces of funk or metal.

„Ihr habt uns heute in unsere Jugend zurückversetzt! Wirklich! Danke dafür!“ (Innsbruck, AT)
“Do you know the rock ‘n’ roll the best of this world ooh shit…” (D.C.V., Bogota, Colombia)

“The music is just unique, inspiring, soul lifting and encouraging. I would kindly request if it is possible 4 ur band to fix kenya in one of ur tours. People in kenya really love ur music” (W.R.M., Kenya)

“Are your bandmates genetically related to Guns ‘n’ Roses, best, D.” (D.G.H., London, UK)