m13 Klub

FEMALE FRONTED ROCK NIGHT feat. Black Cage, Hairy Groupies, Rocquette – presented by Mars Music Productions

Admission: 150 CZK

…have rock ‘n’ roll tattooed deep into their DNA. They prove this
during every electric live appearance as well as in every single
blistering note committed to record.
“Black Cage” don’t give a f***ing damn and like a shot of adrenaline they fire an overdose of their modern glam rock straight to the heart of the listener.
“Black Cage” will leave you begging for more with their sincere, addictive song writing and unique wild live performances.
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Their style is closest to melodic hard rock with elements of glam metal.
Their performances are rich in melody, energy and very own visual style. Setlist is a combination of their original songs with covers of 80’s american bands. Perfomances are also effective because of intros and pyro. Philosophy of their music is in catchy melodies, english lyrics and back vocals.
“Hairy Groupies” first EP with four original songs was recorded in Germany Magic Mind Music studio in cooperation of a producer Jan Nemec (Grave Digger, Michael Schenker, Kreyson, and so many others) with assistance of Jaroslav Bartoň (ex-Kreyson, ex-Citron, Limetal) as a co-producent. Release date of this EP was in Spring 2017.
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In the year 2030, Pat Benatar, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Avril Lavigne, build a supergroup and travel back into the year 2013 in an time machine, to bring some fresh wind into the music scene.
That’s how one could describe the sound of “Rocquette”.
Energy-loaded classic rock & pop rock, influenced by blues & a tiny breeze of metal riffs. With touching melodies, motivating sing-along lyrics and an eye-catching show, “Rocquette” “wowed” the crowds on their international tours even through Germany, the UK and the USA. “We think it’s sad that rock music tends to be negative and bitter these days” says Barbie Hardrock, charming singer of the band, “We will change that!”
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