Second release of Austria´s awesomest female-fronted Rock´n´Roll band! A striking and massive sound, heavy on guitars - reaching from glamorous-cheesy rock ballad, over newly integrated Blues to thoroughbred Rock´n´Roll and Hardrock.


Produced by Thomas M. Perry; Recorded by Chris Kuchner, Raimund Bretterbauer and Thomas M. Perry; Mixed by Chris Kuchner at Art[e]dge Studios; Mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge; Graphical Artwork by Thomas Bahnasy; Cover-Photos by Ulla Fasser -

All Songs written by Rocquette (Barbie Hardrock and Thomas M. Perry); Blues Harp: „Rockabadooba“ - Gerry Krautinger; Bass: Tracks 3 and 11 - Victor Ezio Gabriel; Drums and Percussion by Jürgen Puffler; Guitars, Basses, Keys and Percussion by Thomas M. Perry; Vocals and Percussion by Barbie Hardrock; Choir: Tracks 2, 7 and 11 by Romina Planyavsky, Raphael Matzl, Suzy Jovanovic, Chris Kuchner, Franjo, Thomas M. Perry and Barbie Hardrock

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