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Conquering the United Kingdom – Exposure Music Awards 2012

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The news of Rocquette being (double!-) nominated for the Exposure Music Awards 2012 hits us like a bullet! We can´t believe it, and need to read the lines several times: We are going to play live in London, within the top ten bands nominated for “BEST LIVE”, and are also nominated for a second category “BEST RECORDED ARTIST” – wooooooot, let´s pack our bags for the UK!

October 12: While some of our fans, as well as rhythm guitar master Thore Tornado and bass queen Alice J. Morgan, are already heading for the British Capitol, us others are taking the last preparations for the trip. Finally we get to see London for real, not only Heathrow as a transfer stop between our flights. Let´s just hope that this time our instruments make it without any hurts, and we manage to find ourselves in the big city!
10 pm: Tom and me landed in Heathrow, receiving the first SMS of Thore “already having a british beer at the pub” – cheers my friend! After 52 bus stops and a couple of minutes walk, we are happy to find ourselves in a nice little hotel room in Watford.

October 13: Yeehaw! Time to explore this city in daylight! After a nice breakfast (baked beans included, of course) we visit the Queen at the Buckingham Palace, search for the rabbits´ hole at Saint James´s Park, experience sunshine coming with drizzling rain from the right hand side, learning that asking about someones’ location doesn’t really help when you got no clue about street names, you can spend an unholy amount on food and you should never trust the currently dry weather in the UK! We also found out that Alice’s eyes grow as wide when she sees a cute little wide-eyed pet toy, as they do when she spots the brand new iPad. And we also found out that you can be waiting on a shopping man even longer than you can be waiting on a woman. We took a ride on one of London’s “horror buses”, Pleini you were brave!! We all made it to the London Tower Bridge (well, soaked), heated us up with coffee and tea at the Starbucks, then relaxed with a beer at the funny pub (Hung, Drawn & Quartered). Alright, now we are in tune for rocking you, London!

October 14: Mr. Drummer, Klaus, has it a little tougher than me and Tom – he’s still in Austria, getting up around 5 am and taking plane and buses since he’s heading to the Cargo directly, while us two are getting up at 7 am (local time) starting the day with a quick breakfast before catching the train at Watford junction, direction Euston. Crazy time for heading to a show, kind of Rock’n’Roll, right? Yaaaaawn….. We nearly make it in time and arrive – as one of the first bands – at a Cargo which smells like it’s seen a kick-ass party… oh yeah… The last victims of the night are just being dragged into a cab, I have a hard time moving with my shoes sticking to the ground, man this place does rock! It’s a cool venue with arcades-like rooms, comfy leather couches and a huge chill-out area outside – perfect place to wait until the rest of the band shows up, while the cleaning crew is working. What a wonder, finally everybody find it’s way here, sooner or later.. However, there´s no rush anyway since Exposure Music turns out to be a well-organized event with extremely relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the Exposure Music Awards crew, especially to Dean (Raven Black Music) for all the support and quick response during the whole process! We are so thrilled about the honor of playing here as the “one crazy band from Austria” 🙂 Big applause and congrats to the winners of this years round! Our rocking hearts go out to Bad Touch – you are AWESOME!!! What a pleasure for sharing stage with great artists like those guys. Everyone roll over and check them out! So this leaves us to take one final, global bow to a wonderful night with nice people and say: THANKS EVERBODY!
Hunger gets us at the balls and we crash the burger hut around the corner, before making our way home through the morning coming up over London.

October 15: As we finally make it out of bed, we decide to see a little bit more of London. My personal highlight is definitely the lunch break at a Dim Sum restaurant in China Town. We are guided through the room, along the kitchen, upstairs into the upper floor – we’re either going to end up in the soup or we are getting the VIP service… – and it turns out to be the most amazing asian food we´ve had in a long time! Oh YUM. We also hit Camden Town, really a place for crazy people and musicians like us! 😉 The evening traps us at the Pier, serves us one beer after the other, and makes us talk the (music) world over, once again. Me like!

October 16: Even the last conquerors of our little group are finishing up, grasping some last moments in London Downtown, and in the evening we make our way back home, a lot of media material to wrap up, in our pockets. No sense in tantalizing you any longer – so here’s a brand new webisode! Enjoy 🙂