You are currently viewing Tour diary Oct 24 – Italy tour 2013: day 1

Tour diary Oct 24 – Italy tour 2013: day 1

We hear you Italy! You call, we come! New webisode included!

IMG_15597am. Squirming out of bed, last check, stuffing the last pieces into our Rocquettomobile. 8 pm, no Thore and Chris! Turns out there’s a major traffic jam in Vienna this morning. The cars are packed pretty much, I am seeing the doc for a last check, then all set with a throat still a little sore and a healing broken big toe. We decide to meet Andreas at the Mc Donald’s in Leobersdorf, have breakfast and wait there for Thore and Christian. About 9:30 am, the whole band is finally complete, crankin Aerosmith’ Big Ones and hit the road. 

blogger-image-1310534243 blogger-image-517104995Rastplatz Pack: Pee break. The weather makes a nice creation with the foggy clouds above Styrias forest hills painted in the colors of the fall. Some drinks, Schokobons and jokes later, we’re back on the motorway.


Villach: Filling up the gas. We’re close to the Austrian-Italian border now. Grabbing some more food, drinks and fruits at Billa, and off we go! Andreas takes over the wheel, Tom moves next to him, and I squeeze onto the one spare backseat between the music equipment. That’s what it looks being a musician on the road!

IMG_1580 IMG_15882pm. We just passed the border, drew a toll ticket and we got about 4 more hours to drive until our destination Livraga. The foggy hills and mountains guide us all the way to the south. Gorgeous, isn’t it? 2:44 pm. The mood is great, we’re winking at Thore and Christian when passing by (wtf – when did they actually pass us??).

IMG_1606 Foto 24.10.13 19 00 253:22 pm. Andreas can swear at other drivers moving up too close just as well as I do. We pass a sign mentioning Caorle, Tom and Andreas talk about going for a swim, me telling them to just go ahead I got enough drugs for getting all of us healthy again.


Perfectly on time, 6:45 pm, we arrive at the J Cafe, Lake Venere, Livraga, Lodi. Finally, after nearly 3 years, I get to meet Damy in person – our Italian friend who is arranging our little tour – I’m excited! We spend a great evening in heartwarming, familiar atmosphere. Stay tuned for the Webisode on YouTube!
Foto 24.10.13 19 24 38 Foto 24.10.13 19 31 47Despite some fears, my 3/4 recovered voice makes it through our acoustic set, so YAY – first event accomplished successfully! We make new friends and sign CDs and download cards, and Andreas gets told off for filming the whole thing because one person does not want tobe recorded. As I said, just check out the Webisode for the whole experience 😀 I get taught by our new friends ‘The Dookies’, who are playing covers by Green Day and others, and learn a new, important sentence in Italian. We had a lot of fun, thanks so much to J Cafe and The Dookies and everyone else who came around!


1:25 am – The way to the house

Fog has swallowed the whole area. Tom and me in our car, followed by Thore and Christian, then Damy and Andreas. We roll through the villages, following the directions of the GPS. The night stays mysterious with those sunken clouds and trees all around. I spot another car catching up and joining our column of cars, well, someone’s after us? Andreas,… LOL! We are passing a roundabout with obviously a UFO standing in the air above our heads, looks cool! Another toll station, we’re entering the motorway again. Tom: ‘Done. Are we complete?’ I take a look into the side mirror to check: ‘We got us – one car… second car… third car… fourth car… Wait, fourth car?’ Hahaha
Written by Barbie Hardrock