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2012 – a review! And Grand Opening for 2013!

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Alright, time to look back again! Here´s to the seventh year in Rocquette History 🙂

Well, what did we do this year? Quite a list of positive things that have happened and of which we are proud of! We had Barbie in the Buckle Bunny Contest of California´s TRUE COWBOY MAGAZINE, or her feature in a computer game, and she was running for cancer research (6 rounds, olé!!) as well as other charity events.  There was the new single in collaboration with Show Udajima about people from Fukushima, their stories about how their lives were changed by the nuclear accident told in a photographic e-book with “Wake Up (Voices of Fukushima)” as soundtrack and MUSIC VIDEO. We heard “Tornado” in Stormhunters Austria´s radio jingle, and some other Rocquette tunes airing on stations all over the world (like Rick Duffy´s station in Long Island, NY or iRadio LA) and received awesome international articles like in the (sold out!!) ALTERNATIVE FEMALE VOICES MAGAZINE(UK!), and of course also national highlights like a double-page feature in the very last edition of BIKER MAGAZIN ÖSTERREICH. There was a series of crazy, socks-off-rocking shows, popping up in my memory instantly are for example the Hells Angels MC Vienna show, or the trip to the UK to play live at the Cargo – where we were (doubly!)nominated for theEXPOSURE MUSIC AWARDS, being very proud of performing as one of the TOP TEN internationally nominated bands!!! Speaking of awards: Did you know that our music video “Our Fists Against The Dirty Biz” was awarded with TWO awards on BEAT100 this year? First, the VIDEO AWARD GOLD (awarded for a high quality original video with good production values), and second, the SONG AWARD SILVER (awarded for a well written original song)! Thanks SO MUCH to everybody coming out to our shows, voting for us in all contests, motivating and inspirating us constantly, and all the people involved in all of these things (of which many are hidden behind the curtains usually, bookers, venues, technicians, photographers, writers, bloggers and reviewers, tv and radio guys and girls,… AND MOST OF ALL OUR FANS, FRIENDS AND FAMILIES!!!) – Even if we miss out on mentioning someone here – know that you are important and appreciated!!! We would be nothing without YOU ALL! So again, thanks for all the cool things you made happen to us in 2012! We´re so ready for this fresh year and be sure we´re just STARTING UP! Our to do list and plan of action includes a lot of new crazy shit for you guys, as well as numerous, well-picked and wide-spread dates – stay tuned!!!
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So, see you around in 2013!!!